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Word of mouth:

"Working with Kuti has been awesome.  The workouts are unique and cool.  No two workouts are the same.  I really enjoyed the recommended nutrition.  I think that is what separates him from other trainers.  It changed everything.  After about two weeks, I felt like I was 15 (no kidding). I just felt great.  I have unlimited energy and my wife said that my skin had changed.  She said I was glowing.  What is really cool is that I shared what I learned with my family and they are benefiting as well. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to make a change to try to get on his schedule."

-Derek W. 


"I have never met a fitness coach/trainer so dedicated to their clients until I met Kuti.  He really goes above and beyond to make sure you're doing everything to achieve your goals.  I'm not going to lie...he gives you tough love.  But that's exactly what you need if you want results.  Recently, I was tempted by an "Off-Program" food item.  I literally had a "WWKD - What would Kuti Do" moment.  Needless to say, my willpower kicked in & I passed on the treat.  Within 4 weeks, I'm already at 25% of my goal.  I can't wait to see what the next 4 weeks will bring.  Thanks, Kuti for going above & beyond the call of duty for me.  #BYBD"

 -Lori B. D.


  "Kuti is the ultimate trainer/motivator. There is no other way I could have gotten 40lbs+ off within a few months. You are very dedicated & committed to the people you train for us to be great reflections of you! I humbly appreciate where we came from to where we are to where we are going!!! Kuti Mack is a beast & I can honestly say I have seen a huge change & everyone around me has noticed! We will be cut up & there is no stopping us! Kuti will help you do what you need & he's will see you thru to your goal & you will happy: I promise. I'm very honest with him on where I am where I want to be & we plan accordingly to get there. 

  Kuti Mack is an amazing motivation to my new found healthy lifestyle I'm blessed to have him thru this journey & you will be too! I'm very proud of how far I've come! Thank you is not enough for the work we've done! #TheBest #BeastMode"

-Mike B. 


  "As of November, as per KUTImack (Personal Trainer extraordinaire) I lost 25% of my goal weight.

  The most exciting part of that mile stone was that I received a certificate to mark the celebration.  Kuti seemed very pleased and I worked hard to frame this event as a real event to celebrate.   He was so wonderful telling everyone that I lost 25% of my goal.

  You see, I never looked at my weight, never wanted to see it.  I kept thinking that knowing would be an enemy to success.  So, when I got on the scale I faced David and he recorded the numbers.  Yes, he keeps copious and specific important data to use as aids as he travels with you to better health and fitness.



  For as long as I can remember I have been active for at least 40 years of my life—ballet, tap, jazz, African dance, majorette, track team—runner and high jump, cheerleader, gymnastics team—medals, dance company, swim team—medals, aerobics, yoga, fencing, and walking.

  Depression is a mean companion and was almost fatal for me during menopause. The gifts I received during that unbearable time were TV, food, pity, and 60 pounds of fat and misery.  Not only did I fall off the wagon, I was launched into an unknown universe.  Every time I tried to get back on track or loose weight, I was unsuccessful. As a former athlete, I thought I knew enough about my body and how it worked to get me physically, psychologically, and spiritually fit beyond the abyss.

  Until Kuti!  I watched him for weeks before I approached him with the request to work out with me.  He will never take his eyes off you while you exercise, and you will feel safe in knowing that with him, a positive adventure is ahead."

-Monty C. 



"When I started working with Kuti in late December, I weighed about 225 pounds and was horrendously out of shape. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels were through the roof.

  Today, I weigh around 180 pounds, and it's mainly thanks to his intense, creative workouts and simple, but smart diet plan. A year ago, I could barely go up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. Last month, I ran a half-marathon in under an 8-minute-per-mile pace. A year ago, I felt exhausted at the end of every day; today, I jog home from the office and then head to the gym.

  Kuti really knows how the human body responds to training, so he always keeps you guessing from routine to routine. He's also rigorous about maintaining a low-glycemic diet, and is full of helpful lifestyle tips to keep you motivated and on-program. His workouts are designed to bring your muscles to failure, so they really work. And because he focuses on your body's natural resistance, you can apply his lessons outside the gym, whether at home with a couple dumbbells or on the road with nothing but a stopwatch.

  It's no exaggeration to say that Kuti  has changed my life -- and I'm extraordinarily grateful. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to lose weight, gain strength, or just take their fitness to the next level."

-Blake H. 


"Kuti is a phenomenal trainer. He's attentive, careful, thoughtful, resourceful, and flexible both in scheduling and adapting to the various physical needs and limitations of his clients. Kuti has been great at keeping me on track both in terms of my athletic and nutritional/weight loss goals. He's been of tremendous help, and I truly appreciate his services. I would gladly recommend him to any potential clients."

-Vadim S. 


"My goal was to work exercise into a very busy schedule, with lots of travel and distractions, and Kuti understood that perfectly. He helped me put together a tough, but balanced and adaptable, program.  Kuti works hard to stay abreast of the latest research and methods, he's a good listener, and he's a limitless source of sound advice, knowledge about nutrition and physiology, and enthusiasm. I recommend him as highly as possible."

-Adam I. 


  "Kuti is a smart, passionate and disciplined trainer.  I love the way he turned simple moves into hardcore workouts. Emphasis on core!  Over the years I have worked with about a dozen coaches and trainers and by far David Kuti leads the crowd.

  It is difficult to find service providers of any kind who have a heart for their customers. 

  He will be my "go-to" trainer as time goes by because Kuti builds relationships as he builds bodies."

-Janice H. 


"Thank you again, Kuti! Your presentation was fantastic!"

-Cole Stevens Spa & Salon