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This always bears repeating: our bodies thrive off nutrition (vitamins, minerals, protein, enzymes, etc). When our bodies don't get enough of those, they'll settle for sugar and in abundance; this ultimately destroys us. Generally, we go straight for the sugar without ever giving ourselves a chance to get nutrition, and that's why juicing veggies makes people feel and look the way I tell them it will. My experience (as well as all of our common knowledge) has shown over time that nutrition-laden plant foods with little to no sugar or adverse hormonal impact always yield sustainable, lasting, palpable fitness results. 


There are occasions where even I can't get to a juicer. In my quest to maintain my nutrition regimen, I noticed the boom in bottled green juices being sold in grocery stores, cafes, etc. and got excited. But then something told me that this was too good to be true. Sure enough: all bottled green juices aren't created equal. So here's how to juice without a juicer:


For a decent back up to juicing fresh veggies, find a reputable powdered all plant based freeze-dried veggie blend with no soy or supplemental chemicals added to its ingredients. I use these in a pinch when I haven't gone shopping for produce or when I'm traveling and not certain if there are any fresh juice bars in the locality. I add filtered water with a splash of raw unfiltered non-pasteurized apple cider vinegar (for added probiotics). NOTE: this is the most economic facsimile and nutritious but still not as good as a fresh squeezed juice. Convenience always comes at a cost. 


When all else fails, you can buy bottled juices that meet the following criteria: cold pressed, veggie only ingredients including at least one dark leafy green with NO fruit (lemon, lime or ginger included is acceptable). Again, convenience costs you with this route in a few ways. Very few bottled juices in the store meet that standard; two of these a day gets expensive; and the comparable nutritional value of these juices isn't worth the financial squeeze over time. 


But it beats NOT juicing at all. 


Here are your Do's & Don'ts for "Juicerless" Juicing:



 1. Look at the List of Ingredients. Veggie Only (lemon, lime or ginger inclusions are permissible) with at least ONE dark leafy green being one of the first 3 ingredients listed. V-8's are not what we're talking about here, by the way...

 2.  Seek Key Words: Cold Pressed, Freeze Dried, Raw, Plant Based, Vegan, Enzymes, Gluten Free 

 3. Try a reputable powdered ALL PLANT based blend. Great especially for traveling (just be sure to pack in a screwed-tight container)

 4. Minimize your expenses by shopping around. Deals, coupons and sale options on these things do exist. The internet is your friend: use it. 



 1. Buy a juice just because it's green or SAYS "green" on it

  2. Confuse protein shake mixes or bottled smoothies for powdered greens or bottled juices

 3. Buy pasteurized juices with caffeine, soy based ingredients or that list more than 10g of sugar per serving

 4. Overbuy. The high quality cold press juices have a shorter shelf life than your average commercial juices (especially once they have been opened). 


Don't hesitate to ask additional questions. 

I'm here to HELP!






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